Suites In Chicago: The Guesthouse Hotel Is Your Home In A Different City

Shouldn’t you expect more out of your hotel than just a bed, TV, toilet, and shower? (And maybe some spotty wifi as a cherry on top of that sundae of mediocrity.) Don’t settle for sleeping in a fancy box. You should love where you live, even if it’s only for a weekend. Book a suite at The Guesthouse Hotel, TripAdvisor’s number one ranked hotel in Chicago.

The Guesthouse Hotel is located close to downtown, in Chicago’s historic Andersonville neighborhood, just north of Wrigleyville. Originally built to be condos, our suites look and feel like home.

Why Book A Suite At The Guesthouse Hotel Next Time You’re In Chicago?

Is it a copout to just say, “Why not?” Get more space for your spend! Our suites are spacious, luxurious, and competitively priced.

But if you want us to be more specific, here are a few reasons:

Great For Trips

If you’re traveling with friends for a fun weekend in Chicago, our suites make for a perfect home base for getting ready and hanging out before you hit the town, and regrouping and recuperating after you do. Feel free to cook a pound of bacon and eggs in the morning to help recover from a night out in Chicago, because our suites have full kitchens.

For Family Vacations

If you’re on a family vacation in Chicago, the suites are the perfect space for kids who would otherwise be bouncing off the walls in a typical hotel room.

Plus if you don’t feel like spending a fortune eating out for every meal while you’re in Chicago (the food here is amazing, but we get it), The Guesthouse Hotel’s suites have full kitchens AND outdoor grills on your private balcony. (Seriously how could you not want to stay here?) You can cook a family meal one night, or keep groceries in the fridge to pack lunches for the family’s big day out.

For Business Trips

Somehow, business trips can be even more exhausting than a weekend of partying in Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville, or wrangling kids from the Field Museum to Navy Pier. And you have to stay sharp all the while. Giving yourself the space to unwind and relax in one of our suites -- feeling like you’re at home -- goes a long way to make sure you make the most of your meetings while you’re in Chicago.