The Collection @ The Guesthouse Hotel is our in-house boutique.


Located in the lobby of the Guesthouse Hotel, The Collection features a carefully-curated collection of wares, in large, from local designers, artists, and artisans and Chicago based companies. You will find exquisitely unique jewelry, cashmere/linen/silk blend scarves for men and women, vintage inspired hats, hand poured candles and luxurious bath and body. It's true, you will also find a rotating collection of vintage barware, hand-selected, one-of-a-kind sets.

So, while you "live like a local" at the Guesthouse Hotel you can "shop like a local" too! 

Hours: Open to hotel guests, our friends and neighbors
8am - 9pm, Monday - Sunday

The Collection can be open anytime by inquiring at the front desk.

At The Collection, you'll find a curated collection of wares from local designers, artists, and artisans, including: 

• Abbey Brown Soap Artisan
Tania Rodamilans Art Works
Francis Ellis Candles