Congrats to Uptown's 42 Grams on its Two Michelin Stars!

via 42 Grams in Uptown

via 42 Grams in Uptown

It's no secret that Chicago is one of the world's fine-dining meccas—Charlie Trotter paved the way for that distinction, and many of his former chefs continue to carry the acclaim. Restaurants like Alinea and Grace (which both received three Michelin stars this year—the highest honor a place can receive), EL Ideas, Schwa, and Blackbird are constantly, and perhaps more accessibly, pushing the envelop of fine dining in the country.

At the intersection of Uptown, Lincoln Square and Andersonville, the Guesthouse Hotel is proud to be in the neighborhood of three 2015 Michelin Star recipients: 

42 Grams (Uptown) - Two Michelin Stars
This 10-month-old BYO spot by with a former Trotter and Alinea alum at the head of the kitchen received acclaim early for its modern-thinking tasting menu. Seats are available via tickets on the restaurant's site—and if you're feeling intimidated by the BYO concept, the 42 Grams will email you suggested wine pairings a few days before your meal. Located at 4662 N Broadway, 42 Grams is just a 15 minute walk, or a short cab ride, away from the Hotel.

Elizabeth (Lincoln Square) - One Michelin Star
Like 42 Grams, Elizabeth started as an "underground dining" concept before it became a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Elizabeth's chef Iliana Regan builds her tasting menus around Nordic concept of foraging (or "New Gatherer," as she likes to call it), so your dining experience is always a reflection of the season, making it a more intimate meal. Like 42 Grams, seating is ticketed. Located in Lincoln Square at 4835 N Western Ave, Elizabeth is a straight shot West down Lawrence Ave, via a short cab ride or the bus.

Goosefoot (Lincoln Square) - One Michelin Star
This BYO spot (sensing a really awesome trend in Chicago's fine dining destinations?) focuses on modern, but approachable, tasting menus. Seats are available via reservation. Can't make it in for a meal? Stop by next door to their just-opened market, Goosefoot Food & Wine. Located at 2656 W Lawrence, a short cab ride or hopping on the Lawrence bus will get you right there.

Ready to venture outside of the neighborhood for more fine dining? Here's a list of all the Chicago 2015 Michelin award winners.